What the Railways freight data says about economic recovery

Among the slew of activities that were disrupted and brought to a halt since the nation-wide lockdown, there were a handful that continued to run interrupted. One among them was the Indian Railways ferrying goods. The Railways ferries a wide basket of goods - what does the freight tonnage tell us about the extent of the recovery?


The state of credit post Covid-19

The RBI releases data on total credit disbursed throughout the country to various sectors every month. Credit to industry has been tapering for quite some time; a phenomenon highlighted by the Economic Survey of 2019-20 as well. However, there are two sectors that stand out: Personal loans and Services. Read on for a deeper dive how they've managed post-lockdown.


The landscape of deposits and credit disbursal in India

The RBI, in a quarterly statement gives out the credit disbursed and deposits made across all districts of India by these scheduled commercial banks. This is a good indicator of economic activity in a district. How does the landscape of credit distribution across India's districts look?


The road to recovery?

With a recession breathing down on our necks, the automobile industry was already in a lurch before the Coronavirus pandemic. But the pandemic and the nation-wide lockdown brought the industry to a screeching halt. Will auto-sales recover?


A bane in 2014, now a boon?

The last of the marathon of press conferences that FM Sitharaman held to announce the plan of the gigantic Rs. 20 lakh crore concluded today. In case you missed it, it had everything from increased lending and changing the definition of MSMEs, power sector reforms and even a couple of space reforms. Everything - except what people were hoping for and what most other countries have done - direct cash transfers.


India’s new covid-19 clusters

Which states have made progress since the last round of classification of districts? Comparing the two district-level maps showed obvious gains in South and North-East India. The North-East had few cases to begin with, and have taken control on even the few non-hotspot districts present.


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