Update: Live election results; How India Lives moving out of beta

The upcoming state elections for Haryana and Maharashtra are special for How India Lives. This is the first time we have developed an election microsite for How India Lives for live results and real-time insights. So far, in the last four years or so, we have built live election webpages and widgets, as well as supplied diverse election-related data, to the digital platforms of several media outfits. These included print publications (Hindustan Times and Mint), a news channel (ABP News) and a news app aggregator (Daily Hunt).

Our ability to work with election data has increased immensely since How India Lives was formed in January 2015. It started with matching demographic data with electoral constituencies, and we graduated to mapping booth-level data (around 1,000 voters in a booth) to a local area (a street in a densely populated urban area or a village in rural areas). The progression spans gathering and processing data, mapping, and building widgets and webpages.

We wanted to showcase all these capabilities in working with election-related data, and that’s why we decided to build this microsite for How India Lives.


You can visit the election page now to see the pre-voting day coverage of the two states. And, on counting day, we will add more features along with live election results as released by the Election Commission of India.

Some key features of our coverage:
1. Tracking results and party positions by storylines like constituencies affected by the Jat agitation, Bhima-Koregaon protests and more.
2. Demographics: we used our in-house tool to estimate rural vs urban population for all constituencies, and SC/ ST population.
3. Seat vulnerability matrix: mapping close contests to see which of these seats swung to the other side.

The idea behind fusing live election results into answering such questions is to give you the sharpest insights in the shortest time. Please visit our election interactive. If you like what we have built, do spread the word with your friends and on social media.

Gram – home to India’s public data

Screenshot_2019-10-19 Assembly Constituency Election 2019We are also launching our second product, ‘Gram’ in December. This will be India’s most granular data product that is searchable and comparable across all geographical levels. It will have nearly 12,000 metrics across all possible geographical locations in India (716,131). Each geographical location, be it a village or a ward, will have at least 1,000 data points. Also, this data is visualized at a village level and is available for download in a clean, machine-readable format.

If this product interests you, please click here to know more. Or leave your details below, we will get in touch when the product is launched.

Thank you for your time.

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