John Samuel Raja D

John is an economist by training, a financial journalist by the years, and a data fiend and a new-economy explorer at heart.
Before joining How India Lives, John was a journalist for 11 years, writing on corporate and economy subjects for The Economic Times, Outlook Business, Business Standard and Mint, and actively using data as a forensic tool. In the last five years, he focused on doing stories based on public information (an area mostly ignored), as businesses and governments are forced to disclose more than ever before, and uncovering corporate malfeasance.

In 2012, as a Tow-Knight Fellow in the entrepreneurial journalism program of the City University of New York, he crystallised his business idea of making available public data in a searchable and visual format into How India Lives, and was awarded a $16,000 grant from the Tow-Knight Foundation. He left The Economic Times in January 2014 to develop How India Lives on a full-time basis. John is based in New Delhi.

Twitter: @johnraja

Avinash Celestine

Avinash Celestine is a business journalist and has worked with a variety of national papers and magazines for the last 15 years. His only ‘breaks’ from journalism have been a year off to study economic history at the London School of Economics and three years to work with a non-profit that helped provide research support to Members of Parliament in India. Till recently, he was a business journalist with The Economic Times, where he wrote on macroeconomics and policy, and supported the newspaper’s graphics and visualisation for the 2014 elections. Over the last couple of years he taught himself to code (a bit). Avinash is based in New Delhi.

Twitter: @ac_soc
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Avinash Singh

After studying economics and finance in college, Avinash gravitated towards business journalism. He has worked as a business journalist for 17 years in Business Standard, Outlook Money, The Indian Express, Outlook Business and, most recently, The Economic Times. While he’s been in editing/anchoring/production functions, he likes to work closely with writers and believes in the power of data to inquire, inform, marshall and persuade. He is based in New Delhi.



Vinayak Joshi

Vinayak turned entrepreneur in 2001, at the age of 29, six years after passing out from IIM Bangalore with a major in finance. His first two ventures were in e-learning, namely Applect Learning Systems Private Limited (which has since become a Naukri Group company and runs and India Internet Learning Ventures Private Limited.

In 2009, he founded LearningConcepts, a firm that had its roots in e-learning but now specialises in developing Web-based software. Its focus is developing data visualisation solutions using different technologies like Flex, HTML5 for the web and mobile. It has designed and developed, among other things,, a World Bank website that visualises the flow of aid between donor and recipient countries.

Alongside running LearningConcepts, Vinayak is a partner at How India Lives, where he is in charge of the entire technology piece. Vinayak is based in New Delhi.

Twitter: @vinayak


NS Ramnath

Ramnath is a journalist with over 12 years of experience covering outsourcing and technology —  first in The Economic Times, and then in Forbes India. He is based in Bengaluru.

Twitter: @nsramnath


Anand Krishnamoorthy

After a degree in business management, Anand worked as a financial journalist for four years. He is involved in formulation of strategy at How India Lives and is based in Madurai.



Vidhya Sivaramakrishnan

Vidhya has seven years of experience in business journalism, with Business Standard, Mint, Outlook Business and The Economic Times. She has reported on business developments in Tamil Nadu and has recently taken an interest in data journalism. She is based in Bangalore.



Anuf P Varghese

An M.Com and an MBA, Anuf worked in process development with Aon Hewitt from 2008 to 2013 in Chennai. He was part of Aon’s health and welfare vertical, leading a team of about 50 associates. Anuf is based in Kollam.



Shreya Agarwal

Shreya likes data and telling stories. And she likes it best when she can use the power and possibilities of technology to fuse the two. She is adept at using plug-and-play data- visualization platforms like Tableau, and is currently learning to code in Javascript and R.

Shreya is a mass communication professional, with an MA in Arts and Certificate in Business and Economics Reporting from New York University (NYU). Her previous work stints include Thomson Reuters in Bangalore and Forbes Media in New York. At How India Lives, Shreya is responsible for data stories, especially in interactive formats, and social media. She is based in New Delhi.


Twitter: @Shreya2105