In Malaysia, A Nonagenarian Upsets



What is it? The total number of deaths in northern India due to thunderstorms in May.

Why is it important? After 124 deaths in Uttar Pradesh and Rajasthan due to thunderstorms on May 3, 11 more people were reported dead on Thursday after more thunderstorms hit select parts of UP. In UP alone, thunderstorms have left 75 dead and 91 injured.

Tell me more: With western disturbances in Jammu and Kashmir moving eastwards, the IMD has warned of fresh disturbances and dust storms till May 13. In 2017, 2,057 people died due to natural disasters, according to a Ministry of Home Affairs annual report.



What is it? The number of wholesale stores that Walmart plans to openin the next four to five years.

Why is it important? A day after announcing its purchase of 77% in India’s largest online retailer Flipkart for $16 billion, Walmart announced these plans for its existing offline business in India, where its performance has been patchy. Going forward, one of the points of interest will be what kind of synergies can Walmart create between the offline and online parts.

Tell me more:Walmart currently operates 21 stores across India. These are Best Price wholesale stores, mostly in India’s tier-II and tier-III cities, offering close to 5,000 items. The $ 16 billion deal, gives the offline retail giant, an online presence.



What is it? Age of Mahathir Mohamad, who was sworn in as Malaysian prime minister on Thursday.

Why is it important?In a huge political upset, former strongman Mahathir’s opposition alliance, Pakatan Harapan (Alliance of Hope), defeated the Barisan National (BN) coalition, which has governed Malaysia uninterrupted since 1957. The 92-year old leader came out of retirementto defeat corruption scandal-ridden PM Najib Razak, who has been in power since 2008.Mahathir ruled Malaysia from 1981-2003.

Tell me more:Indian-Malaysians make up 7% of the country’s population, and 36 contested in this election. The number of Indian expats working in Malaysia is 130,000 and India is Malaysia’s 10thlargest trading partner.



What is it?The number of times private American company SpaceX has launched used rockets into space.

Why is it important?On Thursday, SpaceX had to abortthe launch of a satellite owned by Bangladesh’s Bangabandhu Satellite-1 on top of a reusable Falcon 9 rocket. The booster was supposed to land back on a drone ship and be reused, something that SpaceX has done 24 times: 11 by land and 13 by sea. However, less than a minute before takeoff, SpaceX received an “abort” message from ground systems. The launch is now rescheduled for Friday.

Tell me more:Friday’s launch will feature the final upgrade to Falcon 9 rocket, the Falcon 9 Block 5. The new rocket, with a stronger heat shield and new retractable landing legs, is designed to do 10 or more flights with limited refurbishments.


Rs 1,800 crore

What is it? The amount that the family offices of Sunil Munjal (of Hero Enterprise) and Anand Burman (of Dabur) have offered to jointly invest in Fortis Healthcare.

Why is it important?The Fortis board on Thursday chose the Munjal-Burman joint bidfor the healthcare chain’s hospitals and diagnostics businessover the bids from the TPG-Manipal Health combine and IHH Healthcare. The deal still has to be cleared by shareholders.

Tell me more:The Rs 1,800 crore investment will comprise Rs 800 crore upfront via preferential shares and Rs 1,000 crore through a preferential issue of warrants convertible after 18 months.


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