Chart of the Day | Impact of anti-tobacco message on packages

Perhaps, this is the only product that has a huge sign on its label warning you about the dangers of using it. The Indian government made it mandatory for manufacturers of all tobacco products to increase the size of the graphic health warning from 20% to 85% of the total display area of the packs. You may be aware that people in India often buy cigarettes and other such products in loose (though this is banned in India) from the local tea stall or some small vendor and in such cases, would miss out on seeing the warning signs. But, for those who end up seeing such warnings on the pack, do you think this could be a factor in dissuading them from using tobacco-related products? A survey by International Institute of Population Sciences suggests that it has some impact, but not much. It has a higher impact on men than women, and in urban areas than in the rural areas.

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