A truck 🚛 shortage for cars 🚗

7 years

What is it? The number of years for which start-ups will be eligible to receive tax benefits under Startup India Scheme. Start-ups can avail tax exemption for three years within seven years of incorporation.

Why is it important? The move could help bring more start-up under the Startup India Scheme, which has seen limited success so far. Till April 2017, only 10 startup have availed tax benefits under the scheme. Government has removed the requirement to get a certificate from an incubator or industry association to be eligible for tax benefits.

Tell me more: Finance Bill 2017 had proposed the same but said the implementation will be from April next year. Industries Ministry has not spelt out from when the change would be rolled out.



What is it? Net migration number for UK in 2016.

Why is it important? The number, a difference between how many immigrated and emigrated from the island nation, has fallen by 84,000 from 2015. It was mainly driven by 115,000 European Union citizens who emigrated in 2016, as compared to 31,000 in 2015.

Tell me more: In June last year, UK voted to move out of the European Union. The status of EU citizens in UK is still not clear, as UK wants to extract reciprocal rights for its citizens.



What is it? The supply gap in new automobiles created by a shortage of car carriers.

Why is it important? The supply crunch, estimated to last for 45-90 days, is a result of car carriers, or the large trucks transporting new cars from factories to warehouses and showrooms, reducing their length to meet new regulation. New Central Motor Vehicles Rules stipulate car carriers to measure no more than 18.7 metre. Around 15,000 such trucks are in line to be modified from their usual size of 22 metre or longer, leading to the shortage.

Tell me more: The smaller carriers would also mean more trips for each as their carrying capacity would be cut by 20%. The rule came into effect from April this year, doing away with illegal sizes of car-transporter trailers.



What is it? The number of ideas generated by the ‘Zero Bench’ at Infosys.

Why is it important? ‘Zero Bench’ a coin termed as part of Infosys CEO Vishal Sikka’s Zero Distance initiative, is geared to keep the software giant’s 8,500-employee-strong bench motivated. Roped in for its innovation and problem-solving drive, the bench, comprising engineers not assigned a project at the time, have implemented 2,000 ideas and generated 9,500 master projects.

Tell me more: The engagement involves over 4% of Infosys total employee strength (200,364 as on March, 2017).


50 metre

What is it? A draft coastal regulation zone proposal aims to reduce the no-development zone in rural areas to 50 metre from the high tide line, as compared to 200 metre at present.

Why is it important? This could fuel economic activities alone India’s 7,500 km-long coastline, but environmentalists fear such a move would damage marine environment. The draft permits housing and basic infrastructure for local population after 50 metre from the high tide line, from 100 metre as of now.

Tell me more: Coastal Regulation Zone notification was first issued in 1991 to limit industrial activities. Since then, it has been amended 25 times.

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