Twitter’s Battle Against Fake News

What is it?Growth of India’s industrial output index in May 2018, compared to same period last year.

Why it’s important? This follows a 4.8% growth in April. The expansion of industrial activity was dragged by a 2.8% growth in manufacturing, with intermediate goods such as naptha, cotton yarn and copper rods seeing a degrowth.

Tell me more: Analysts expect a pick up in manufacturing in June on the back of monsoon-driven domestic consumption and higher exports.




What is it? India’s retail inflation in June 2018.

Why is it important?It hit a five month high in June, thanks to a weak rupee and higher oil prices (fuel inflation raised to 7.14%). Transportation and communication costs grew 6.18 percent. In June last year, inflation had slowed down to 1.46%. Its touching 5% has led to expectations that the central bank will raise interest rates.

Tell me more: Meanwhile in the US, inflation touched 2.9% in June, highest in 6 years. In Germany, inflation rates saw a slowdown in the month.




What is it? The percentage loss of per capita real GDP to big emerging economies like India, China, Brazil by 2060, if trade tariffs return to higher 1990s level, according to Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development.

Why is it important? There are growing concerns that such a scenario might turn into reality, even as US and China fight a trade war. The dispute now covers over 10,000 products, and has pulled in countries such as Canada and Mexico.

Tell me more: Meanwhile, India has overtaken France to become the sixth largest economy in the world with a GDP of  $2.59 trillion.


What is it?The expected reduction in Twitter accounts following the social media company’s decision to purge fake accounts.

Why is it important? Twitter has upped its battle against fake news, by resolving to identify and remove tens of millions of fake accounts on the platform. The platform has faced criticism over its role in misinformation and fake news, generated and spread by fake accounts which are often run by commercial groups.

Tell me more: Facebook has also been facing the issue of fake accounts, a concern that has grown stronger after news of Russian influence in the last American presidential elections.




What is it?The number of times Serena Williams has entered Wimbledon finals.

Why is it important? In the finals on Saturday, the American tennis player will face Germany’s Angelique Kerber for her eighth title. Williams also became the first mother in 38 years to reach Wimbledon finals. She gave birth to a baby girl last September.

Tell me more: In the semi finals on Thursday, Williams beat Germany’s Julia Goerges 6-2, 6-4. Williams has won 23 grand slams so far.

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