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If you are Flipkart, you will do that by buying Jabong for $70 million – and have 50% market share.  Flipkart-Jabong deal is one of the five numbers we selected for you today. Please do read and let us know what you think.

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News In Numbers: July 27

0.5 times

What is it? The revenue multiple at which Flipkart bought online retailer Jabong. At $70 million, the buy price is about 50% of Jabong’s revenues.

Why is it important? Fashion and apparel segment is most profitable among all online segments. In addition, Jabong has reported gross profit margins. The deal is also an indicator of the valuation of firms in fashion e-tailing sector. In 2014, Flipkart bought Myntra forabout $300 million.

Tell me more: Once the deal is through, Flipkart will secure more than 50% market share in online fashion and apparel market in India. Amazon is also actively pursuing this space.

 1.2 million

What is it? The number of people affected by floods in Assam due to overflowing of the state’s main river Brahmaputra.

Why is it important? The situation has become worse in the last two days with half of Assam’s districts impacted. Nearly 1.27 lakh people moved into 322 relief camps in 19 districts so far, and 10 people have lost their lives.

Tell me more: 60 per cent of Kaziranga National Park, which houses one-horned rhinoceroses, is submerged because of floods. This has pushed the rhinoceroses into high grounds where they are vulnerable to poaching.


Rs 1.02 trillion

What is it? The amount of additional money government will spend this fiscal to implement the Seventh Pay Commission recommendations for central government employees.

Why is it important? This additional money in the hands of around 3.1 million employees will spur demand for consumer facing industries like cars, two-wheelers, durables etc., The top 25 cities will account for 38% of salary gains from implementing the pay commission recommendations.

Tell me more: Though the pay commission recommendations are restricted only to central government employees, the state governments would also be forced to increase salaries over the next two years.

 Rs 600 crore

What is it? The amount the government paid to external lenders between 2009-10 and 2014-15 for unused credit line as commitment charges.

Why is it important? This could have been avoided with better debt planning, according to Comptroller and Auditor General (CAG). India’s external debt – at $474 billion by end of 2015 – around this period was second highest among the Asia Pacific countries.

Tell me more: While external debt has grown, India (at 23%) also has among the lowest external debt to GDP ratios among the emerging economies


What is it? The potential jail term for those who employ children, according to changes in child labor law  labour.

Why is it important? This is more stringent than the existing penalty for the violations, and might help bring down child labour – and along with Right to Education initiatives increase enrollment in schools. At the same time, the new changes allow children to work for their families and have brought down the number of banned occupations for adolescents. United Nations has warned it could adversely impact backward castes and tribals.

Tell me more: The Child Labour (Prohibition and Regulation) Amendment Bill, passed in Lok Sabha on Tuesday increased jail term for offenders to 6 months to two years  and or a fine of Rs 20,000 to Rs 50,000. Imprisonment can go upto three years for a second time offence.

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News in numbers, Dec 8, 2015: Donations to political parties, falling crude oil prices…


$1 billion


What is it? The amount infrastructure company GMR Group is looking to raise in the next two years by selling stakes in its airports and energy businesses.


Why is it important? It will help cut down its debt levels (Rs 410 billion net debt at present) and repay investors in its airport business. Over one-third (37%) of its group debt has been downgraded to ‘default’, which means the company’s likelihood of meeting these debt obligations on time are the least, according to a recent report by Credit Suisse.


Tell me more: Infrastructure companies borrowed heavily anticipating economic growth but ended up facing a range of roadblocks, including downturn, delay in getting coals for their plants and government approvals.


Rs 139 crore


What is it? Total amount received by the Indian National Congress party in the form of donations (above Rs 20,000) in 2014-15 for which it has not declared the mode of contribution.


Why is it important? That’s 98% of total donations above Rs 20,000 in 2014-15. Without the mode of contribution, it would be difficult to link the donors against their donations and trace the money trail. This goes against a September 2013 Supreme Court order that has stipulated that none of the columns in the forms to declare donations above Rs 20,000 should be left blank. Transparency in donations to political parties is necessary to allow public scrutiny for strengthening democracy.


Tell me more: The Bharatiya Janata Party, the top recipient of donations above Rs 20,000, declared an amount of Rs 83.9 lakhs from 20 donors where it has not provided PAN details, address and mode of contribution. BJP, CPM and CPI have received a total of Rs 303.4 crore in which they have not filled in the ‘address’ column of the donors.




What is it? Year-on-year growth in monthly sales of Myntra, an online fashion retailer owned by Flipkart, in October 2015.


Why is it important? Myntra moved to app-only platform in May this year. Its growth since then appears to have slowed down (from 100-200% growth earlier), even accounting for the higher base. But, for Myntra, it could be a part of long term strategy. Myntra says the customer experience is better on apps.


Tell me more: Myntra says it has an annualized gross sales of $500 million as of October, as against $400 million in May when it decided to go app only.




What is it? Number of workers – machine operators, floor supervisors, security personnel and peons – at a 300-people strong aluminium foils factory in Sanand, Gujarat, with more than Rs 1 crore in their bank accounts, according to a Times of India report.


Why is it important? An example of the impact of Gujarat government buying 4,000 hectares of land over the last seven years in the automobile hub. For the factory it means the human resource challenge of dealing with crorepati employees – and retaining them as these jobs are no longer their primary source of income.


Tell me more: After Tata Motors relocated it’s Nano factory from West Bengal to Sanand in Gujarat, the area has seen rapid industrialisation.




What is it? Price of US crude oil per barrel at 0300 GMT on Tuesday.


Why is it important? This is close to seven-year-lows. An indicator of discord among 13 member Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries, which failed to arrive at an oil production ceiling last week. Oil companies stocks have taken a beating. Lower oil prices however will help net oil importers control inflation better.


Tell me more: OPEC countries’ production of over 30 million barrels per day has pushed production 0.5 million to 2 million barrels per day beyond demand.

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News in numbers, Nov 18, 2015: Tiger Global raises stake in Amazon, people living with HIV…


What is it? The percentage of fines imposed by India’s competition regulator of India that it managed to collect, as per its annual report of 2013-14. In absolute terms, the Competition Commission of India imposed fines of Rs 9,886 crore, of which it recovered Rs 72 crore. The remainder is either stuck in appeals or has been stayed.

Why is it important? The regulator, in its six years of existence, has initiated action against prominent names in several sectors. In its latest action on Tuesday, the CCI fined three airlines — Jet, IndiGo and SpiceJet — for colluding to fix fuel surcharge in cargo transport. But seeing the cases through and collecting the amount fined has proven to be elusive.

Tell me more: Some of the other major CCI fines have been against real estate company DLF (Rs 630 crore), against 14 car manufacturers (Rs 2,545 crore) and 11 cement majors (Rs 6,200 crore).




36.9 million

What is it? The number of people worldwide who were living with HIV, of which, 2.6 million were children below the age of 15 years. India had 2.1 million cases in 2013.

Why is it important? On Tuesday, American actor Charlie Sheen, best known for his roles in Wall Street and Two and a Half Men, said in a television interview to NBC that he had been diagnosed HIV-positive four years ago. He also said he had been sexually active after the diagnosis, while maintaining he had disclosed his condition to his partners.

Tell me more: At least 33 states in the US have laws that mandate people infected with HIV to disclose that fact to their sexual partners.



What is it? The approximate stake bought by US investment fund Tiger Global in global online retailer Amazon in the September quarter.

Why is it important? Tiger Global, one of the most aggressive investors in Internet businesses in India, is the largest investor in Indian retailer Flipkart. In India, Amazon and Flipkart are rivals, and the common presence of Tiger Global will be a source of conversation, possibly consternation. Back in 2014, Myntra was merged into Flipkart at the behest of common investors, one of them being Tiger Global.

Tell me more: As many as 1,284 institutions and mutual funds hold 68% of the shares of Jeff Bezos-controlled Amazon.



What is it? Share of mobile phone in the Internet traffic of India, which is thrice the corresponding figure for the US, according to a May 2015 report by venture capital firm Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers (KPCB).

Why is it important? It is a measure of where the growth in Internet adoption and usage is coming from in India, and reaffirms why a high Internet penetration number in this decade might be in the realm of the possible. Another report by Internet and Mobile Association of India and IMRB International, released on Tuesday, tipped India to hit 402 million Internet users by December and leapfrog the US as the country with the second-largest Internet user base, after China.

Tell me more: According to the second report, men account for 71% of Internet users in India and women 29%, and that 69% of users were using  



What is it? The number of sugar stocks that hit the upper price band in trading on Tuesday on the Bombay Stock Exchange, suggesting some sort of a turnaround for a sector reeling under a cash crisis and dues to farmers.

Why is it important? The wide expectation is that sugar production in 2015-16 will be lower than in 2014-15, which will hold prices of this essential commodity, even fuel them. Credit ratings agency ICRA has projected a 4.6% drop in production to 26.8 million tonnes in 2014-15.

Tell me more: In October, the Central government announced a string of measures to help companies and release arrears to farmers.

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