A Clean-Up Act


What is it? The share of votes polled by Fidesz party in the Hungary Parliament elections, whose leader Viktor Orban is set to return to power for the third time.

Why is it important? Orban constructed a campaign that focused primarily on immigration and which positioned him as a defender of Hungary’s Christian culture against Muslim migration. By choosing Orban, Hungary follows Austria and Italy in recent years to elect a leadership that is stridently anti-immigration.

Tell me more: In a European Union scheme last year in which each member country was asked to take in some share of 160,000 refugees, Hungary was among the worst in compliance.


2.2 billion

What is it? The user base of Facebook, which is nearly twice the population of India.

Why is it important? Beginning today, this user base will receive from Facebook a notice titled ‘protecting your information’. It will have a link to see which apps they use, what information has been shared with those apps, and controls to regulate their information-sharing. Coming in the wake of the Cambridge Analytica privacy failure, this is Facebook’s first major move to win back user confidence on privacy issues.

Tell me more: Today, Facebook will also notify the 87 million users whose information was shared with Cambridge Analytica.


13 km

What is it? The distance for which 22 bogies of a passenger train rolled along without a driver, after getting detached from their engine, in Odisha.

Why is it important? There were about 1,000 people in these 22 bogies of the Ahmedabad-Puri Express, but luckily, there were no casualties. In 2013-14, 103 people died on the Indian Railways because of train accidents, equipment failure and miscellaneous accidents.

Tell me more: The bogies came to a halt after their wheels came in contact with rocks placed on the tracks.



What is it? The number of 787 planes that American Airlines, the largest US airline, has placed an order with Boeing for.

Why is it important? It is also cancelling an order with Boeing’s European rival Airbus placed by US Airways before it merged with American. In the duopoly that is the commercial aircraft industry, American’s large order is a significant win for Boeing and a blow for Airbus.

Tell me more: In the last four years, Boeing has trailed Airbus in aircraft orders, but led in deliveries and shareholder returns.



What is it? Number of doubles victories in Davis Cup that Leander Paes racked up with Mahesh Bhupathi as partner, over a span of 14 years.

Why is it important? On Saturday, Paes became the player with the maximum number of doubles wins in this prestigious team tennis competition. Paes now has 43 doubles wins, of which the highest number came with Bhupathi, with whom he has shared a relationship of animosity for some years now.

Tell me more: Under Bhupathi’s tenure as captain of the Indian Davis Cup team, Paes has often not been picked. Paes, 44, played his first Davis Cup doubles match 28 years ago, in 1990.


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