News in Numbers – September 6


What is it?

Number of Indian bowlers in the top 10 in the latest one-day international (ODI) rankings released by the sport’s governing body.

Why is it important?

Bowling has been the weak link in ODIs for India, which is ranked joint third. R Ashwin, at number 12, is the highest-ranked Indian bowler. In ODIs in the past 12 months, of the 10 test-playing nations, India conceded the most runs per wicket (37.3) and second-most runs per over (5.68).

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By comparison, India was tied with South Africa in having three players in the top 10 list of ODI batsmen: Virat Kohli (ranked 2), Rohit Sharma (7) and Shikhar Dhawan (8).


What is it?

Number of passenger complaints against Air India in July for every 10,000 passengers ferried by the airline on domestic routes, the most among large carriers.

Why is it important?

Air India has consistently had the worst record among domestic airlines on complaints. In the latest episode, a section of Air India pilots took leave on Monday, in the backdrop of protests over payment and other issues, delaying flights.

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The best were Vistara (0.1) and IndiGo (0.3). In July, 34.2% of complaints across airlines related to “flight problems”, followed by customer service (27.4%).


What is it?

The year by which India will achieve universal upper secondary education, as per Global Education Monitoring report by UNESCO.

Why is it important?

This would be 55 years late as compared to United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals which wants ‘free, equitable and quality’ primary and secondary education for all. Universal primary and lower secondary education will be achieved only by 2050 and 2060 respectively.

Tell me more:

There is a correlation between education and economic growth. Universal upper secondary education by 2030 in poor countries will lift 60 million people out of poverty by 2050, as earnings will increase by 75%.

283.36 million tonnes

What is it?

India’s estimated horticultural production in 2015-16

Why is it important?

This is higher than the country’s foodgrain production for the fourth year in a row – and is a good news for farmers for a number of reasons. Fruits and vegetables take up less land than foodgrains, and can benefit small and marginal farmers. They can also be harvested in shorter durations, compared to foodgrains, and ensure cash flow to farmers, a reason why it’s picking up.

Tell me more:

Onion production grew 11% to 21 million tonnes in 2015-16, while tomato production was up 12%. Potatoes dropped by 9%.

$255 billion

What is it?

Market cap of China-based web company Tencent Holdings, whose well known brands include WeChat and QQ

Why is it important?

It’s now the most valuable company in Asia, and among the top ten in the world. It was mostly recently in news in India after it invested in Hike Messenger, propelling the Indian startup to Unicorn status (over $1billion in valuation). Tencent has been active in India for some years now, and made its first startup investment in Practo in 2015.

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Tencent overtook China Mobile on Monday rising by 4% in Hong Kong. Tencent primarily makes money through its flourishing online gaming business.

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News in Numbers, July 21, 2016: Mobile service quality complaints, fine for noise pollution…

89 crore

What is it? The number of person-days of employment generated under India’s flagship national rural employment scheme in the first quarter of 2016-17.

Why is it important? This is a jump of nearly 65% from the 54 crore during the same period last year comes on the back of rural distress caused by droughts in 13 states this year. Compared to last year’s allocation of Rs 20,000 crore in the three-month period, the central government has allocated Rs 30,000 crore in the last quarter, which is nearly 78% of the total budget.

Tell me more: To ensure proper implementation of the scheme, all assets created under the programme are being geo-tagged in addition to increased number of field visits for assessments.



What is it? The number of complaints the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (Trai) has received for poor services in 2016 until June 30.

Why is it important? The trend seems to be similar to last year when 20,548 complaints were registered with the telecom regulator (2015 figure doesn’t include the complaints received against smaller players). Indicates that the quality of service of telecom players has not improved from last year, which is likely to be a crucial factor in retaining customers as competition among the players intensifies, especially with the impending launch of services by Reliance Jio Infocomm.

Tell me more: Of the total complaints received till last month this year, 3,257 are against Airtel, 2,130 against Vodafone, 1,526 against RCom, 997 against Idea Cellular with those against the other players being less than 500.


Rs 5,000

What is it? Fine for causing noise pollution in Delhi.

Why is it important? If this rule is successfully implemented, the capital city would be free of pressure horns’ usage and forbid people from removing silencers from their bikes. This is likely to bring down noise pollution levels in Delhi, which was ranked as the fourth noisiest city in India, according to a report by the Central Pollution Control Board released a few months ago. High noise pollution levels can lead to aggression, hypertension, hearing loss, tinnitus (hearing of sound when there is no external sound) and sleep disturbance.

Tell me more: The prescribed standards mandate that noise levels should not exceed 55 decibels during the day and 45 decibels in the night.



What is it? The number of districts the Indian government is rolling out direct cash transfers to kerosene customers.

Why is it important? This is to help prevent the diversion of the subsidized fuel and to ensure it reaches the intended beneficiaries. However, the idea of doing this is also to reduce the usage of kerosene for cooking and lighting purposes and instead, encourage people to use LPG (liquefied petroleum gas) cylinders while pushing to electrify all villages by the end of 2016, ahead of its target of May 2017.

Tell me more: It remains to be seen how the scheme will be implemented given that around half of the 80 million households that use kerosene for lighting, of a total of 250 million households as per the 2011 Census, are situated in rural areas that have limited banking services. The districts are spread across eight states.


$1 billion

What is it? The worth of copyrighted materials including movies, musical recordings and video games illegally distributed by Kickass Torrents, the world’s largest torrent site.

Why is it important? The US government arrested the alleged owner of Kickass Torrents, who is an Ukranian, in Poland. Even as governments and authorities try to fight digital piracy, the popularity of such torrent sites indicates that many people are reluctant to pay for content.

Tell me more: The torrent site’s net worth is estimated to be over $54 million while its annual advertising revenue is estimated to be in the range of $12.5-22.3 million, according to a criminal complaint filed in US District Court in Chicago. The site received an enviable 50 million unique visitors every month and was estimated to be the 69th most frequently visited website.

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News in numbers, Nov 27, 2015: Sunil Mittal’s salary cut, Bihar’s liquor ban…


What is it? The percentage of jobs that will be reserved for women in the paramilitary forces per government plans.   

Why is it important? Higher representation of women will help better police areas where these forces are deployed. However, this is not the first time an announcement was made to reserve jobs for women in the paramilitary forces. Earlier Congress-led United Progressive Alliance aimed to reserve 5% for women. Even that lower target couldn’t be met.

Tell me more: Paramilitary forces account for 25% (or 7.94 lakh) of central government employees.

Rs 5 crore

What is it? Salary cut taken by Sunil Mittal, chairman of Bharti Enterprises, to fund Nyaya Bharti an initiative to help underpriveleged undertrials.     

Why is it important? Besides money, such acts by high profile corporate leaders also highlight serious social issues. Undertrials account for 68% of India’s total prison population. In absolute numbers, this is 282,879. Many of them languish in prison for lack of knowledge about the legal process or can’t afford lawyer’s fee. The new initiative will tackle this.

Tell me more: More than 25% of undertrials have stayed in prison for more than a year.      


What is it? The number of states or union territories where the sale of liquor, partial or full, will be banned if Bihar joins their ranks on April 1, 2016, as announced yesterday by the state’s chief minister Nitish Kumar.

Why is it important? The intended social objective apart, it will lead to a revenue loss for Bihar of a reported Rs 5,000 crore. In 2014-15, that would be 20% of tax revenues collected by the state.

Tell me more: The other states where the sale of liquor is banned are Gujarat and Nagaland (full), and Lakshadweep, Manipur and Kerala (partial).


What is it? The over in which the first wicket fell in the first day-night test match in cricket, which began this morning at Adelaide: Martin Guptill LBW B Josh Hazelwood.

Why is it important? In the first test match played in cricket, in 1877 between Australia and England, the first wicket also fell in the fourth over: Nat Thompson B Allen Hill.

Tell me more: Both Guptill and Thompson scored an identical number of runs: 1.


What is it? The number of complaints received by the Banking Ombudsman during last financial year.

Why is it important? This represents a 11% over 2013-14. Complaints received by ombudsman indicate failure of bank’s internal complaint redressal system satisfactorily. Complaints from customers of private banks rose 16%.

Tell me more: Complaints from rural customers rose 16%, the second highest after urban areas, indicating more awareness among them to seek redressal against the bank. Card related – both debit and credit cards – accounted for 21% of all complaints.

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