President’s low vote share


What is it? The number of votes with a value of 702,044 won by Ram Nath Kovind in India’s 2017 Presidential Elections.

Why is it important? Kovind has been elected as the 14th President of India. However, with 65.65% vote share, it is the lowest for a presidential election winner since 1974. Cross voting from opposition parties in favour of NDA-backed candidate, Kovind, was reported in seven states including Gujarat, Maharashtra, Goa, Punjab, Assam, West Bengal and Tripura.

Tell me more: Meira Kumar, who was backed by a 17-member bloc of opposition parties, polled in 1,844 votes with a value of 367,314.


1 million

What is it? The number of people who died from AIDS-related deaths globally in 2016, according to the UNAIDS.

Why is it important? This is a 48% drop from the peak of such deaths in 2005 (1.9 million AIDS-related deaths). Now, a higher number of people are accessing anti-retroviral therapy – 19.5 million in 2016, up from 17.1 million in 2015 and 7.7 million in 2010. This makes it the first time that more than half of those living with HIV are receiving life-saving treatment. Since 2010, new HIV infections have come down by an estimated 11% in adults to 1.7 million in 2016 and by 47% among children to 160,000 in 2016.

Tell me more: Achieving the 90-90-90 targets (90% of all living with HIV know their HIV status, 90% of those diagnosed with HIV are accessing sustained anti-retroviral therapy and 90% of those receiving this therapy are virally suppressed) by 2020 seems feasible. In 2016, 70% know their HIV status, of this, 77% were accessing treatment and of those accessing treatment, 82% were virally suppressed.



What is it? The percentage of salary and stipend cuts that Jet Airways has reportedly asked its junior pilots to take.

Why is it important? The airline has asked them to take these cuts or quit their jobs. These measures, which are to be implemented fromAugust 1, will impact 400 of its pilots of the approximate strength of 1,500. Jet Airways has attributed its actions slowdown in the Gulf region and to improve operational efficiency.

Tell me more: Jet Airways, which faces stiff competition from low-cost airlines such as Indigo and SpiceJet, saw its market share fall to 18% at the end of June this year from 23% two years ago.



What is it? The number of runs scored by cricketer Harmanpreet Kaur in the semi-finals against Australia in the Women’s World Cup.

Why is it important? The innings is the “third-highest score in a world cup and fifth-highest overall”. Before this match, India has won less than 30% of the matches against Australia, which has won the world cup six times.

Tell me more: This is Team India’s second time at the women’s ICC World Cup finals (after 2005). The semi-final match was cut down to 42 overs due to rain. India will now face England in the World Cup finals on July 23.


Rs 9,079 crore

What is it? The net profit of Reliance Industries (RIL) for the first quarter of FY18, ended June 30, an increase of 28%.

Why is it important? The gross refining margins – the profit from turning one barrel of crude oil into fuel – was at a nine-year high. Its gross refining margin was $11.9 a barrel, higher than the average Singapore benchmark at $6.4 a barrel in the June quarter.

Tell me more: RIL also gained from selling 76% stake in the Gulf Africa Petroleum Corp, a South African subsidiary, for Rs 1,087 crore.

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