Scrapped Notes That Came Back

Rs 10,91,000 crore

What is it? The value of Rs 500 and Rs 1,000 notes returned by the public during demonetisation that the Reserve Bank of India has since processed for numerical accuracy and authenticity.

Why is it important? In all, Rs 15,28,000 crore worth of notes were returned to the RBI following demonetisation. This means, nearly a year on, RBI has verified 71% of the value of returned notes, a pace for which it has been facing criticism.

Tell me more: November 8 will mark one year of demonetisation, and political parties are set to again raise the pitch over its merits and demerits.


5 months

What is it? Time taken in India to receive approvals to merge a 100% subsidiary with its parent, Bharti Airtel chairman Sunil Mittal said on Saturday.

Why is it important? Mittal was using this to make a case that this government was making doing business in India easier, but it needed to do more.

Tell me more: The World Bank is expected to release its Doing Business report on October 31, and India is projected to gain positions over its 2017 rank of 130 out of 190 countries.


Rs 58,000 crore

What is it? The amount the government can raise by trimming its stake in public sector banks to 52%, according to a report released by industry chamber Assocham yesterday.

Why is it important? Such stake sales can reduce the burden on government’s finances from the three-pronged Rs 211,000 crore plan to recapitalise public sector banks it announced last week.

Tell me more: There are 25 public sector banks where the direct holding of the Central/state Government, or other public sector banks, is 51% or more.



What is it? Number of balls that David Miller of South Africa took to score a century against Bangladesh yesterday.

Why is it important? This is the fastest century in international T20 cricket. Miller shaved off 10 balls from the record, previously held by countryman Richard Levi, and also nearly smashed six sixes in an over.

Tell me more: Across cricketing formats, this is the second-fastest international century, after AB de Villiers’ 31-ball master-class against the West Indies in a one-day match in 2015.



What is it? The number of companies managing mutual funds that could be listed by the first half of 2018, if all goes as planned for the HDFC Group.

Why is it important? On Saturday, HDFC chairman said they were planning a listing of the asset management business in 2018. A new-found acceptance from retail investors is spurring the business of mutual funds into a new trajectory, and some are looking to use the buoyancy in the market to list. For investors, a new sector is now available to invest.

Tell me more: Last week, the IPO of the company that runs Reliance Mutual Fund was over-subscribed 81 times.

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