Our Services

How India Lives operates at the intersection of data, technology, data visualization and storytelling. Our expertise lies in solving problems that involve any permutation or combination of the above four domains, and creating solutions that become fundamental to your decision-making.

Ours is a team of professionals with a collective experience of about 100 years spanning journalism, technology, economics, financial analysis and business. In case your organization has a project that demands such competencies, please write to johnraja@howindialives.com. We are prompt to respond.

Here are some of the resultant possibilities, though this is not an exhaustive list by any means.

1. Organising disparate databases, and making them searchable and comparable

Who can benefit:

  • You are a company looking to overlay your sales data with public data to find new markets and push new sales levers.
  • You are an institution looking to create a large digital repository of, say, the financial budgets of all Indian states or all mining projects in India.
  • You are a government department looking to identify beneficiaries to target a welfare scheme programme better, or track it.

What we do:

We organize large datasets and make them searchable at the cell level. Further, we mould them into an online offering that is compact and visual. These databases can be public or private. We can even mix and match public and private datasets to create a customised offering for you.

We have a fair handle of public data and its challenges: where it can be found, in what form it is, how to read it, etc. We also have an experienced technology partner who has designed our main data product (a Web-based search engine for public data on India) and aidflows.org (a World Bank website that visualizes how development financing is provided and received around the world).

2. Analysing data to deliver business insights

Who can benefit:

  • You are an Internet company collecting huge amounts of user data but not tapping its potential.
  • You are a company or government department looking to measure and showcase outcomes of a welfare programme.

What we do:

We take the proprietary data collected by you, analyse it, and give you insights in an easy, visual and interactive form. Since the output is Web-based, it can be seen and shared, at your discretion, across the organisation and beyond.

3. Creating customised dashboards

Who can benefit:

  • You are a CXO looking to track key business metrics on a day-to-day basis without being swamped by data.
  • You are a senior bureaucrat looking to track the effectiveness of an initiative.
  • You are a media planner or a media company CXO looking to map advertising spends with programme ratings for better decision-making.

What we do:
We create a dashboard that pulls your data to create multiple graphs on a single screen, which you can control to generate several permutations, with each answering a specific question fundamental to your decision-making.

4. Building applications that pivot around data

Who can benefit:

  • You are a business looking to leverage data and channel it into decision-making.
  • You are a government bureaucrat or non-profit looking to leverage technology to power an initiative.

What we do:
We work with you to understand your business problem and then design a mobile application that feeds into your business processes. Further, we back it up with insights and analysis.

5. Narrating stories from data

Who can benefit:

  • You are a media house that is looking to tell stories in an interactive medium.
  • You are a business that is looking to tell stories out of its data.

What we do:
We understand you editorial needs, and work with you to deliver solutions, both interactive and static, that make it easy to trace correlations, patterns and trends and offer quick takeaways.

Here’s an elaboration of some of these possibilities, with examples of work we have done for clients.