Our Clients

Interactive mapping of Bangalore for a leading retailer to identify new store locations

Brief: Create an interactive tool to help the company (which asked us not to reveal its name here for reasons of privacy) identify new store locations in Bangalore.

Solution: The challenge here was to see the city not as one market, but as a multitude of markets. Bangalore consists of 198 wards. We created a tool that mapped Bangalore at a ward level on 10 parameters sourced from public data sources. When read and interpreted together, it served as a proxy to a locality’s purchasing power. Here is the screenshot of the visualisation:



Analysis of proprietary data of a leading jobs portal to bring out stories on hiring trends

Brief: Use the proprietary data of a leading jobs portal (which asked us not to reveal its name here for reasons of privacy) to narrate sharp stories around hiring trends that build the brand among job seekers and within the HR community.

Solution: This job portal was collecting a lot of data on actions of registered job seekers and recruiters. After identifying a question, we sought specific and anonymised data from it that typically ran into a couple of lakhs of rows, and visualised it.

For example, this is a visualisation of which combination of three software languages were the most in demand in the experience group of 0-5 years by recruiters. For this, we took more than 30 software languages and illustrated the demand for every combination possible. At one glance, it is able to tell a candidate, current or prospective, the software skills that are in currency. Click here to see the visualisation.



Contribute data stories, interactives or visualisations on varied topics for Mint, India’s second largest business daily

Brief: Narrate stories through interactives and static graphics for publication both on the website and print edition of Mint, India’s second-largest business publication.

Solution: Mint is the oldest and longest client of How India Lives, with the association going back to November 2014 and continuing till date. Our data team works independently, and sometimes flanks the bureaus of Mint, to deliver data interactives and data stories with a frequency of 8-10 pieces of output on a monthly basis.

You can see the entire output of data interactives and data stories.
Some of the more interesting data interactives include:



Data visualisation project on 2015 Bihar assembly elections to bring out voting trends on election result day for ABP News

Brief: Create a data visualisation for the 2015 Bihar assembly elections to be carried on election result day that shows how people in the state voted.

Solution: We created a data interactive that overlaid on constituency-level electoral data a host of demographic data (like literacy, religion, SC/ST, rural/urban, assets, amenities, etc) and candidate data (like personal wealth, criminal record, education, gender, etc). Thus, at one glance and in a few clicks, a reader was able to answer questions like: which party won in areas where Dalits or Muslims were in significant numbers; did BJP lose the urban vote; how did candidates with criminal records fare, and so on?

We had done a similar thing for Livemint.com for the 2014 Maharashtra elections. And before he came on to How India Lives, one of the co-founders, Avinash Celestine, did this for the 2014 Uttar Pradesh (Lok Sabha) elections.

In case your organization has a project that demands such competencies, please write to johnraja@howindialives.com. We are prompt to respond.