News in numbers, Nov 27, 2015: Sunil Mittal’s salary cut, Bihar’s liquor ban…


What is it? The percentage of jobs that will be reserved for women in the paramilitary forces per government plans.   

Why is it important? Higher representation of women will help better police areas where these forces are deployed. However, this is not the first time an announcement was made to reserve jobs for women in the paramilitary forces. Earlier Congress-led United Progressive Alliance aimed to reserve 5% for women. Even that lower target couldn’t be met.

Tell me more: Paramilitary forces account for 25% (or 7.94 lakh) of central government employees.

Rs 5 crore

What is it? Salary cut taken by Sunil Mittal, chairman of Bharti Enterprises, to fund Nyaya Bharti an initiative to help underpriveleged undertrials.     

Why is it important? Besides money, such acts by high profile corporate leaders also highlight serious social issues. Undertrials account for 68% of India’s total prison population. In absolute numbers, this is 282,879. Many of them languish in prison for lack of knowledge about the legal process or can’t afford lawyer’s fee. The new initiative will tackle this.

Tell me more: More than 25% of undertrials have stayed in prison for more than a year.      


What is it? The number of states or union territories where the sale of liquor, partial or full, will be banned if Bihar joins their ranks on April 1, 2016, as announced yesterday by the state’s chief minister Nitish Kumar.

Why is it important? The intended social objective apart, it will lead to a revenue loss for Bihar of a reported Rs 5,000 crore. In 2014-15, that would be 20% of tax revenues collected by the state.

Tell me more: The other states where the sale of liquor is banned are Gujarat and Nagaland (full), and Lakshadweep, Manipur and Kerala (partial).


What is it? The over in which the first wicket fell in the first day-night test match in cricket, which began this morning at Adelaide: Martin Guptill LBW B Josh Hazelwood.

Why is it important? In the first test match played in cricket, in 1877 between Australia and England, the first wicket also fell in the fourth over: Nat Thompson B Allen Hill.

Tell me more: Both Guptill and Thompson scored an identical number of runs: 1.


What is it? The number of complaints received by the Banking Ombudsman during last financial year.

Why is it important? This represents a 11% over 2013-14. Complaints received by ombudsman indicate failure of bank’s internal complaint redressal system satisfactorily. Complaints from customers of private banks rose 16%.

Tell me more: Complaints from rural customers rose 16%, the second highest after urban areas, indicating more awareness among them to seek redressal against the bank. Card related – both debit and credit cards – accounted for 21% of all complaints.

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