News in numbers, Nov 26, 2015: Director and employee salaries, sales of superbikes…

170 times

What is it? That’s how much more an executive director gets paid compared to average salary to an employee in a sample of fifty companies listed in NSE Nifty. Rs 9 crore is average remuneration of a director versus average salary of Rs 5.87 lakh for employees.

Why is it important? It’s a measure of inequality. Besides, data shows executive directors pay is not linked to company’s performance and promoter directors are the highest paid. 62% of average director remuneration was fixed, not aligned with performance of the company. And 7 out of top 10 highest paid directors are promoters.

Tell me more: The ratio of CEO to worker pay ratio in the US was 373 times.


What is it? The number of mobile towers that were repaired or made functional by telecom companies in the last two months. In September this year, the number of towers that were not functioning stood at around 35,000.   

Why is it important? Government claims their effort to reduce call drop has resulted in telecom companies repairing non functional mobile towers, and installing new ones. 22,279 new mobile towers were installed between July and October this year.

Tell me more: Telecom regulator had proposed a fine of Rs 1 for every call dropped, with a maximum ceiling of 3 calls per subscriber per day.      

4,089 units

What is it? The sale of superbikes – such as Harley Davidson – during April – October 2015.    

Why is it important? It’s down from 4,158 units during same period last year. Sales of Harley Davidson, the market leader in India for superbikes, declined for the first time since it began operation. Luxury products like superbikes are generally considered immune to overall economic trouble. Negative sales indicate wider economic trouble.    

Tell me more: Demand for bigger superbikes (above 800 cc capacity) has increased by 16% to 1,919 units, and above 1,600 cc grew in excess of 30%.  

Rs 2,49,000

What is it? The price per dosage of Perjeta, a drug to treat late stage breast cancer. Kadcyla, another drug, is priced at Rs 2,10,000 per dosage. These two new drugs were launched by Swiss pharmaceutical major, Roche.

Why is it important? Around 1.3 lakh women are diagnosed for breast cancer in India each year. With the launch, Perjeta is now India’s costliest drug to treat cancer.  It raises two questions: One is on affordability and another is on effectiveness – whether the extra lifetime from taking these drugs justify high prices.

Tell me more: Indian government launched an Affordable Medicines and Reliable Implants for Treatment where drugs were sold at a steep discount. The first such outlet was opened at the AIIMS, Delhi this month.


What is it? The percentage of Indian kids with unhealthy body mass index, according to a survey of 1.48 lakh school going children in 87 cities.

Why is it important? Highlights the need for outdoor activities in schools. Kids studying at school which have three or more physical education periods in a week did better when compared with school children that don’t have adequate number of outdoor activities. Study shows the size of playground matters too, as schools become the sole place where kids play with children of similar age group.

Tell me more: 50% of surveyed lack adequate lower body strength.  

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