News in Numbers – May 31, 2016


What is it? Number of people infected by Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) during blood transfusions in last 17 months.

Why is it important? Indicates poor blood transfusion practices at hospitals and blood banks as by law all donors and donated blood have to be screened for infections including HIV.  Between April – September 2014, 30 lakh units of blood were donated via National AIDS Control Organization’s blood banks.

Tell me more: HIV prevalence among pregnant women – considered as proxy for general population – is estimated at 0.29% in 2014-15.

Rs 50,000

What is it?  The amount a provident fund subscriber can withdraw without having to pay tax at source.

Why is it important? The move will help 40 million subscribers. The earlier limit was Rs 30,000. Each subscriber can potentially save Rs 2,000 as tax at source is 10%.

Tell me more: At present, no tax is deducted if a subscriber withdraws after a period of five years


What is it? Increase in Tata Motors’ domestic sales of medium and heavy duty trucks in the  first three months of this year.

Why is it important? It’s an indicator of uptick in economic activity. Medium and heavy duty trucks are the mainstay for freight transport in India and Tata Motors has dominant market share in this segment of truck market.

Tell me more: The company reported a net profit of Rs 5,177 crore in March quarter, representing a threefold increase from year-ago period. Better performance by Jaguar Land Rover unit aided this performance.

Rs 350 crore

What is it? Amount spent by state-owned Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd (HAL) to develop Hindustan Turbo Trainer – 40 (or HTT-40), which will take its maiden flight today.

Why is it important? The trainer was developed without any financial support or purchase commitment from Indian Air Force and the entire amount was mobilised from HAL’s internal resources. Air Force purchased 75 Swiss-made aircraft trainers for Rs 3,770 crore in 2012. It has requirement for further 106 trainers. HAL is hoping to secure a part of this remaining requirement.

Tell me more: The trainer could also be converted into a basic fighter aircraft for countries that can’t afford expensive fighters.


What is it? The percentage of consumer complaints that are pending at various consumer redressal forums and commission from district to national level.

Why is it important? Long delays defeats the purpose of consumer courts, which were designed as low cost option to redress consumer complaints. A Supreme Court appointed panel found most consumer courts are working with poor infrastructure including inadequate space and bad internet connections. The panel suggest immediate revamp of facilities.

Tell me more: Nearly three-fourths of pending cases are at district forums with pendency rate of 91%.

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