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What is it? The failure rate of iris scan used to authenticate Aadhaar number, according to the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI).

Why is it important? The is higher than the failure rate of fingerprint scans (6%). Iris scan is considered as an additional option to fingerprint scan so as to ensure that people are not denied government benefits because of authentication failure. If both iris and fingerprint scans cannot be used, then Aadhaar number can be authenticated via the mobile phone, says UIDAI.

Tell me more: So far, UIDAI has handled 616 million and 10.8 million fingerprint scans, respectively.



What is it? The proposed minimum wages for nurses working in private hospital in Kerala.

Why is it important? The Kerala High Court on Tuesday lifted an earlier order that restrained the Kerala government from issuing a notification that mandates Rs20,000 as minimum wage for nurses. Private hospitals have opposed the move saying the increase of 150% over the existing wages was illegal.

Tell me more: The Supreme Court, in January 2016, asked the centre to form a committee to look into the working conditions of nurses in private hospitals as it felt they ‘are not being treated fairly’ in terms of pay and working conditions.


Rs4,442 crore

What is it? The highest bid received by the Board of Cricket Control in India (BCCI) on day 1 of e-auction to award the media rights for cricket matches played in India between 2018-23.

Why is it important? This is 15% higher than what BCCI received from Star TV (Rs3,851 crore) in 2012. A total of 102 matches will be played over the next five years, and per match bid works out to Rs43.5 crore as of now. The bidding will continue on Wednesday. Start India, Reliance Industries and Sony Pictures are the three bidders.

Tell me more: In comparison, Star India paid Rs 16,347 crore (or Rs54.5 crore per match) to bag media rights for the Indian Premier League.



What is it?  India’s rank in the 2017 World Press Freedom Index, out of 180 countries.

Why is it important? On Tuesday, at the prime minister’s direction, the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting withdrew the order of suspending the accreditation of journalists who were found to be producing or propagating fake news, which it issued the previous day. The order drew criticism from journalists as they said it was an attempt by the government to curb the freedom of press.

Tell me more: The order drew criticism mainly because any journalist accused of creating/spreading fake news would get their accreditation taken away. The government did not provide any definition for fake news.



What is it? The number of flights delayed due to a system failure at Eurocontrol, which manages air traffic in 41 European countries.

Why is it important? Half a million passengers will be affected because of this system failure that delayed 50% of all flights from the European region on Tuesday. It is not known how this impact flights from India to European destinations.

Tell me more: Eurocontrol says safety was not compromised during this failure, and air traffic management system is back to ‘normal flow management operations’.


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