Bru tribe will go back to their homeland after 22 years


What is it? The number of companies – IHH Healthcare Berhad and TPG-backed Manipal Health Private Enterprises – that have submitted fresh binding bids to the board of Fortis Healthcare.

Why is it important? The family offices of Munjals and Burmans have reportedly pulled out of the race to acquire Fortis, India’s second-largest hospital chain, after having submitted a partially binding joint bid at the beginning of the fresh round of bidding. The bidders who have not proceeded with the offer have likely been deterred by the deteriorating financials of Fortisin addition to a new law by the Delhi government to cap profit margins of city hospitals on drugs and devices.

Tell me more: In June, Fortis had extended the deadline for the submission of bids due to the delay in the release of audited financial results. It initiated a fresh bidding process after the Fortis board was reconstituted in late May.

What is it? The reported number of people killed (at the lower end) over the last one year in 10 different states by lynch mobs due to rumours of child lifting circulated via Whatsapp.

Why is it important? On Tuesday, the Indian government, in a strong warning to Whatsapp, said that it must take immediate steps to ensure that its platform is not used for “such malafide activities” and that it “cannot evade accountability and responsibility”. India is Whatsapp’s biggest market in the world with over 200 million users and has been increasingly battling with a deluge of misinformation circulated on its platform.

Tell me more: The Supreme Court, on Tuesday, said mob lynching is a crimeno matter what the reason and said that that is a law and order issue, which is the responsibility of state governments.

What is it? The number of people including 12 boys and a football coach who have been trapped in a flooded cave in Thailand for 10 days and have received food and medical treatment on Tuesday.

Why is it important? Though this comes as a partial relief to the group, which has been surviving on next to no food or fresh water, search teams are unsure of how to bring them back to safety. It is believed that most of the group, which are said to be 2 km inside the cave and 1 km underground, cannot swim. The rescue teams may be forced to act soon as rain has been forecast in the next few days.

Tell me more: There are limited options to rescue the group including providing them four months’ supply of food and teach them to dive and attempting to pump water out of the cave.

Rs6 crore
What is it? The amount of annual subsidy for Haj pilgrims to be provided by the Tamil Nadu government.

Why is it important? The decision comes six months after the central government decided to scrap the Haj subsidy and will use the funds for providing education of minorities. Tamil Nadu government has existing scheme offering subsidy for Hindu and Christian pilgrims to visit Mansarovar and Jerusalem respectively.

Tell me more: BJP, as part of the election campaign, promised free pilgrimage to Jerusalem for senior citizens in Nagaland, a christian-majority state.

What is it? The number of Bru community refugees who would go back to their native place in Mizoram, after a tripartite agreement signed between the two state governments (Mizoram, Tripura) and the union home ministry.

Why is it important? Brus (or Reang tribe) were living as refugees for last 22 years in Tripura. They flew from their native land in Tripura, following ethnic tensions with Mizos- who form majority in Mizoram. Trouble began in 1995 when Mizos demanded stripping away of voting rights of Brus, claiming the Reang tribe is not native to the state. This led to an armed uprising by the Brus who killed a Mizo forest guard in 1997. Retaliation by Mizos led to mass exodus.

Tell me more: Each of the 5,407 families will receive financial assistance of Rs4 lakh, a monthly support of Rs5,000 for two years, and house building assistance of Rs1.5 lakh. The repatriation will be complete by September 30th.

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